What is The Connecting Experts?

We are a community of solo and entrepreneur businesses that want to help one another become more successful through all of our avenues of networking together. We are not just businesses to business or consumer to business! We are people to people!

The Connecting Experts is not B to B or B to C, we are P to P!


Who attends the events?

Businesses, consumers and anyone else that wants to be around a lot of positive, successful people.  We do a lot of marketing through different avenues that attract all different kinds of folks. All the participants help to market the event to all of their sphere so you will meet people that you would not, under normal circumstances, ever come in contact with.


Why should I participate?

  • 5-6 hours of networking with 50-150 other businesses participating, meeting potential clients and partners. 

  • Each event averages between 100-150 people in attendance.

  • Opportunity to build relationships and connections with other businesses.

  • AND to have lots of fun dancing with our world famous DJ.


What types of businesses participate in these events?

Everyone from SolarCity to the Tupperware lady. That is what makes The Connecting Experts so different from all the other trade shows and events that you go to. We are not industry specific or category exclusive. 


What is the cost to attend?

Fee is $10 for general admission speakers and expo starting at 1pm-7pm.


What is the cost to participate as a vendor?

Please visit the registration page for full details.