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Success Stories
Penny's presentation that morning really spoke to me

"Penny was a guest speaker at one of the meetup groups I attend and her presentation that morning really spoke to me. She told us to be more aware when we are out networking and if we are in a group angle your body so, it's open and more inviting. Be aware and invite someone into your group that looks alone or uncomfortable. This really hit home to me. I'm not usually a shy person but, going to networking events by yourself can be intimidating. Especially, when you arrive and everyone is already in clicks or talking to people they already know. The following day, I attended a seminar with an acquaintance of mine we arrived early. As the room started to fill up I noticed a lady walking in alone and she looked like a deer in head lights so, I invited her to sit with us. We started to talk and get to know each other and with in five minutes and thanked me and explained how she doesn't like going to these seminars alone. She was so, thankful and grateful we invited her into our group. Thank you Penny Brenden!!!!" 

Courtney Crowell,  Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

Success Stories
Penny, you're the best! You've changed my life and I'll be forever grateful.

"When we first met a few months ago, you asked me what I did and who my niche was. I couldn't answer these two simple basic questions! Although I have great passion and expertise for what I do, I couldn't clearly describe who my clients were and how my work is different or unique. Every time I had to give my 30 second elevator pitch at my networking group, I would babble on as I watched other members' eyes glaze over, and I'd then sink into my chair, hoping next week would somehow be different. But after working with you privately these past weeks, and after taking your "30 Second Elevator Pitch" 2-hour workshop, I not only have clarity and confidence in knowing exactly what I do and who I work with, but I can express this clearly into the world. My entire networking experience has changed. I feel as thought I'm Eliza Doolittle (from My Fair Lady) and you're Professor Henry Higgins -- you've uncovered what was always there inside of me and have helped me shine! Penny, you're the best! You've changed my life and I'll be forever grateful." 

Susan Van Note,  LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), Craniosacral Therapist

Success Stories
Penny Brenden is the greatest asset that you can have...

"The Connecting Experts provides the opportunity to network and connect with individuals in a meaningful way - allowing relationships to begin and grow long term. I have participated in Penny's events many times, and am grateful for the gift it has been in connecting me in meaningful tangible ways. Penny Brenden is the greatest asset that you can have in promoting you and your business!" 

Jennifer Smith,  Independent Distributor, LifeVantage

Success Stories
She will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

"“Shortly after meeting Penny, I joined her mastermind group because I felt so strongly she was what just I needed. I was feeling stuck and frustrated as a business owner and highly emotional about finances. Her genuine, realistic and kind approach has helped me improve not only as business owner and practitioner, but I also have experienced significant personal growth. The shift in my mindset has been life-changing, my numbers have grown, my boundaries are stronger and having someone keep me accountable really makes a difference. Penny is gifted as a coach. She will meet you where you are, and take you where you want to go.” " 

Kat Kummer,  Harmony Healing

Success Stories
Tough Love and Humor as an Authentic Connector

"Penny Brenden has the power to motivate and educate an audience using her years of successful experience as an entrepreneur and business coach using tough love and humor as an authentic connector. " 

Carey Conley,  Infinite Nation

Success Stories
We love Penny!

"The Wheat Ridge Business Association loves Penny! Her networking presentation followed by a group activity got rave reviews from our attendees. Penny is an excellent communicator and so easy to work with. " 

Margie Seyfer,  Wheat Ridge Business Association

Success Stories
Penny is the EXPERT in the field of networking and connecting...

"I have worked with Penny Brenden for several years and I have to say that she is THE MOST professional and honest business person I know. She ALWAYS puts her clients and customers FIRST, and works well with people to find solutions when challenges arise. She is also positive, upbeat and super savvy! Penny is the EXPERT in the field of networking and connecting and doing business with her is always a great pleasure?" 

Linda Mettler,  The Wellness Bridge, LLC