Legacy and Leadership Retreat 2017 Bring A Friend

Legacy and Leadership Retreat 2017 Bring A Friend

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Price: $349.00

Legacy and Leadership

3rd annual Legacy and Leadership


Who are you and what does your life look like when you retire?

Why do you have to have a vision of your life and your business?

What do you want your legacy to be?


Woo Hoo

This 2 day retreat is going to help you to answer all those questions and more.


Keynote speaker Carey Conley on why vision is so important


Penny Brenden ~ On messaging and why fear holds us back.

Margie Sefer ~ Getting along with all behavioral styles of people.

Phlecia Jones ~ Creating Financial Harmony in Your Solopreneur Business

Hilary Silver ~ Live Video and How to confidently represent yourself to connect to your audience. Will be doing Video that day.

We will be spending two awesome days focused on how to build a business with the end in mind to leave your mark! We will hear from experts who have built multiple 6 figure businesses, focus on your exit plan and strategies on how to get there.


The Schedule


Valley Country Club
14601 Country Club Drive
Centennial, CO 80016


Friday, July 14 from 9am to 5pm
Saturday, July 15 from 9am to 5pm


Registration begins at 8:30am on Friday and Saturday.

Breakfast and Lunch and workbook included.


Keynote Speaker: Carey Conley

Carey Conley is a Speaker and Entrepreneurial Coach specializing in creating a clear, concise vision for your business and your life. Carey helps you monetize your business faster and get your life back! 
As co-creator of the inspired community "Infin8Nation", Carey has carved out a niche helping others identify their desires and define their goals through vision building. A genuine connector, she believes success is about following your true passion.


Penny Brenden

Penny Brenden is the owner of The Connecting Experts and is an Entrepreneurial Coach.  She will be helping you find out what and why your fears are holding you back with wealth, money and your mindset.  What are YOUR leadership qualities and what do you need to be working on and doing, to become the leader you know you are. 


Margie Seyfer

Communicating with Style

Margie Seyfer is the owner of Impact Presentations and has been a professional speaker for 23 years.  She is a DiSC certified trainer. The goal of her training is to help us learn more about ourselves, understand why people act the way they do and how to improve relationships and communication with a variety of different personality styles.


Phylecia Jones

Creating Financial Harmony in Your Solopreneur Business

There are crucial steps every solopreneur must go through in order to create a successful business. While wearing the many hats from being the lone sales person to crafting marketing calendars, it is easy to forget that one important piece of business. Managing the money. In this talk, solopreneurs will walk way with eight steps to achieve financial harmony from charging what is required for their coaching/consulting business to keep going to knowing their numbers in order to give themselves a salary.


Hilary Silver

Live Video

Hilary Silver is a Relationship Expert, Master Empowerment Coach and media personality. She helps you find your voice and speak your truth so you can create the life and relationship you desire with ease and intention.  Hilary will be focused on confidence, perfectionism and authentic connection with live video. Then we will be practicing practical and technical strategies for scripting your videos and actually going LIVE.