Top 6 Coaching with Penny Brenden

Welcome Solo & Entrepreneurs!

I know something about you. As an entrepreneur, you are one of the bravest, most creative, and CRAZIEST human beings on earth. (C'mon, we have to be a little crazy to do this entrepreneur thing, don't we?!) 

I know that the heart of most entrepreneurs is to help and serve others. I know that we are a special breed. I also know that the great majority of entrepreneurs struggle. Did you know that 94% of entrepreneurs never make it to the 6-figure mark? 

In the rewarding years I have spent coaching, I have seen entrepreneurs:

  • Be very good at their craft, but lack the skills or knowledge to build the business.
  • Strive to make a difference, but unable to find an adequate number of good, paying clients.
  • Work tirelessly to build their business, but unknowingly pour their money and energy into strategies that simply don’t work. This is one of the saddest points of all.
  • Struggle to choose successful strategies, which is due in part to being unable to focus. (Shiny object syndrome, anyone?)
  • Become overwhelmed by loneliness and isolation, which often leads to an inability to move forward. 
  • Be in serious need of proven strategies that will build businesses and produce results. They need the “know-how” behind client attraction, niche, messaging, packaging, pricing, staffing, scaling, and many other areas.

If you want to be among the top 6 percent of successful entrepreneurs who have mastered their craft and their business, if you want to make it to that 6-figure mark and beyond, then you are in the right place! 

The Top 6 Club is a business coaching system used with entrepreneurs all over the world, developed by Tommi Wolfe. At Top 6, we are very familiar with the challenges that are holding you back. You are not alone. We have spent many years working on practical and workable solutions that can be easily implemented so you have answers to your problems. This will help you eliminate the predictable obstacles that get in most entrepreneurs' way.

Our entrepreneurial growth tank combines support, training, and community and turns them into an accelerator for your business. You will feel, see, and measure the change within your business because of the level of success that you will achieve.

Achieve Your Dreams, Entrepreneur! 

Historical averages tell us that 90% of business startups fail to succeed. And 100% of those that have succeeded have not done it all on their own! 

This is where I step in and help. As a business coach and consultant, I assist entrepreneurs by giving them the instruction and guidance they need to reach that top 6%. 

The Top 6 program provides training and support, giving you a fighting chance to grow in today's competitive economy. 

Relying on the battle-tested, proven experiences and teachings of Top 6 (with my own Penny flare), I am able to push members in my Top 6 Club forward into their own independence and success. 

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