12 months to 6 figures 2017 - Buddy Ticket

12 months to 6 figures 2017 - Buddy Ticket

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Did you know that 94% of Solo-preneurs get stuck in a cycle of working really hard, feeling lonely and isolated, and worst of all, are still stuck with 5 figure revenues. They get stuck, simply put, because they are doing the wrong things. And if you take up all your precious time as a solopreneur doing the wrong things, there will be no time left for the activitis that actually will give 6-7 figure results. 

In This Two Day Event You Will Learn:

  • To understand the mindset that keeps solopreneurs stuck in 5 figure revenues, and apply 6 powerful new shifts to change this thinking forever
  • Learn the #1 technique that you MUST implement in yoru business to escape the "desperate for clients" trap, and how to master a reliable, repeatable, client attraction process.
  • A plan to get off the hamster wheel of crazy hard work with disappointing results.
  • The step-by-step 6 FIGURE BLUEPRINT for moving your business permanently into 6 figures.