The Connecting ExpertsThe Connecting Experts

What is The Connecting Experts?

We are a community of solo and entrepreneur businesses that want to help one another become more successful through all of our avenues of networking together. We are not just businesses to business or consumer to business! We are people to people!

The Connecting Experts is not B to B or B to C, we are P to P!


What People are Saying

“Penny's events are filled with the BEST of the BEST! Truly awesome people and always a lot of fun, too!"

"The Connecting Experts provide the opportunity to network and connect with individuals in a meaningful way..."

"Penny ALWAYS puts her clients and customers FIRST, and works well with people to find solutions when challenges arise."

"Penny is a joy to work with and is organized, energetic and vibrant. I highly recommend attendance and participation in the The Connecting Experts events!"